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Solvent Reclamation

The solvent reclamation service operated by C.K.Chemicals can reclaim industrial solvents from used inks, oils, greases, paint, resin, polymers, solvent washings etc. The process is carried out 'dry' without the introduction of live steam, ensuring that water is not added to the product, which is essential to ensure a high quality reclaimed solvent. Since the process is a continuous feed process, drums of waste can be individually processed ensuring that cross contamination cannot occur.
What do you have to do?
Simply collect your dirty solvents in 200 litre drums, 25 litre containers or 1000lit IBC tanks, suitably labelled and inform us when ready for collection. Once all relevant regulatory paperwork is carried out we arrange collection from your works and process the waste solvent.

As a producer of waste your premises will need to be registered with the environment agency and we can arrange this on your behalf.

Solvent mixtures
Solvent mixtures and blends can be successfully reclaimed and a high quality blend in the same proportions as the original mixture should be achieved.

Quantity to be reclaimed
Amounts from 200 Litres upwards can be reclaimed but obviously the larger the quantity the lower the recovery costs.

Examples of Solvents, which can be reclaimed:

Chlorinated solvents
Ethanol, Methanol, IPA, IMS
Ethyl/amyl Acetates
Ethyl, Butyl & Amyl Ketones, Acetone, MEK
Hydrocarbon blends
White Spirit, Xylene, Toluene
Degreasers and Ultrasonic cleaning solvents
Photopolymer washout/Conversion Solvents
Print wash solvents