Spill Control & Absorbents

Spill Control & Absorbents

Super-Sorbe Granular Floor Absorbent

Highly absorbent mineral granule, which offers fast, clean & safe method of removing all liquid spillages

Spill Mats - White Selective

Will absorb oils & solvent spillages but not water, ideal for use outside or for general use in transport and working areas.

Spill Mats - Yellow All Fluids

Absorb all fluids, oils, solvent and aqueous spillages, ideal for use in workshops, factories and warehouses.

Absorbent socks - Non selective

Easy to use absorbent socks, available in selective oil/solvent-only or all liquids.

Emergency Spill Kits

Emergency spill kits are your first line of defence against environmental contamination & reduce risk of slipping.

Drum Toppers

Fitted Mats for drums, keep storage areas clean & safe. Collect drips & slight spillages that otherwise make floor slippery.

Oil Absorbents

Very wide range of absorbent products available, please call with specific requirements..

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Thank you for visiting our website.

In response to the current Covid-19 pandemic we have limited the staff hours within our office and therefore during the next few weeks telephone calls may not always be answered.

However, all communication and orders placed via email will receive a response and orders will be processed & delivered albeit at longer lead times than CK customers are familiar with.

Many of our customers are involved in the provision of food & medical packaging, equipment for the MOD or NHS and other vital services, therefore our support and products will remain available.

Please send all orders and other communications to sales@ckchemicals.co.uk

This is an extremely difficult situation for so many people, and we wish staff at all our customers and suppliers the very best during this time.