Spill Control & Absorbents

Spill Control & Absorbents

Super-Sorbe Granular Floor Absorbent

Highly absorbent mineral granule, which offers fast, clean & safe method of removing all liquid spillages

Spill Mats - White Selective

Will absorb oils & solvent spillages but not water, ideal for use outside or for general use in transport and working areas.

Spill Mats - Yellow All Fluids

Absorb all fluids, oils, solvent and aqueous spillages, ideal for use in workshops, factories and warehouses.

Absorbent socks - Non selective

Easy to use absorbent socks, available in selective oil/solvent-only or all liquids.

Emergency Spill Kits

Emergency spill kits are your first line of defence against environmental contamination & reduce risk of slipping.

Drum Toppers

Fitted Mats for drums, keep storage areas clean & safe. Collect drips & slight spillages that otherwise make floor slippery.

Oil Absorbents

Very wide range of absorbent products available, please call with specific requirements..

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