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Chemsolve 49

Powerful cleaning & Ink removal solvent blend

Chemsolve 60

Fast evaporating volatile solvent stripper

Chemsolve 70

Versatile cold cleaning & degreasing solvent.

Chemsolve 80

Very low odour light duty solvent cleaner. safe on most plastics & painted surfaces.

Chemsolve 97

Component cleaning & degreasing solvent with many suitable uses.

Chemsolve FDS

Very fast drying solvent cleaner.


Economical Solvent for cleaning industrial paint related equipment


Multipurpose fast drying, highly efficient cleaner

Rolo LP Wash

Powerful solvency quick dry ink remover. When long solvent contact is not desirable.


Safe, low odour, slow dry solvent blend, for hand application removal of inks & paint smudges.


Stysolve is an unique blended product which is used for dissolving polystyrene


Methylene Chloride based low boiling point vapor degreasing solvent.

Sonic-Sol Ultrasonic Cleaner

Complex solvent/surfactant blend for precision ultrasonic cleaning

Chemsolve PM

Multiple uses with paint, varnish, ink, & adhesives. Also for cleaning in electronics industry

Brake & Clutch Cleaner

Fast drying, removes dirt, grease, oil & dust from brake & clutch components.

Universal Screen Print Cleaner

Powerful and very effective for easy removal of screen inks.


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