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Chemical Products for Industry

Maintenance Products

Degreasing and Descaling Products
Degreasing Products
Product Description
CK71 Heavy duty emulsifier.
CK72 Odourless oil & solvent emulsifier.
G.P.Kleen General purpose cleaner dilutable degreaser.
Chemsolve 70 Wipe on fast dry solvent degreaser.
Chemsolve 97 Slower dry solvent cleaner.
Chemsolve 60 Extremely fast evaporating powerful solvent.
Descaling solutions
Product Description
Scalex 99 Powerful calcium scale remover
Scalex 98 Low foam descaler
Scalex 21 Low odour rust remover
Aerosol Sprays
Product Description
Electrical cleaning solvent.
C.K.P.21 4 in 1 Maintenance solution.
Wax lube
Protective wax spray.
Silicon spray
All purpose lubricant.
Glass cleaner General and camera glass cleaning.
Foam clean
Clinging foam cleaner.
VDU cleaner
Antistatic cleaner.
Battery terminal protector
Prevents terminal corrosion.
Many other aerosols From the Tygris range.
Product Description
Oil sorbent clay granules.
Fire retardant treated fibre.
Fibresorbe Absorbs oil not water.
Drum toppers
Drum top absorbent mats.
Hand Cleaners
Product Description
Red jelly handcleaner
Heavy duty, grease applications.
Dreumex yellow
For oils and Paints.
T.D.B. Printers heavy duty paste for ink & resin removal.
Power towels
Paint wipes for paint smudges.
Universal barrier cream Pre work cream for wet and dry applications.