Commerical Motor Industry

Commercial Motor Industry

Pro-Wash TFR (Traffic Film Remover)

Traffic Film Remover - Highly active professional TFR, very good all-round product that works well on HGV’s, buses and coaches.

Vehicle Screen-Wash

All-purpose vehicle washer bottle additive.

Brake & Clutch Cleaner

Fast drying, removes dirt, grease, oil & dust from brake & clutch components.

Tyre Dressing & Shine

Restores tyres, mud-flaps, rubber mats etc. to new appearance.


Professional Bitumen Remover & Equipment Cleaner

CK Professional Glass Cleaner

High Quality Glass & Window Cleaner

White De-icing Salt

White salt gives a more effective spread than sand/salt blends.

Heavy Duty Abrasive Wet Wipes

Special wet wipes with textured fibres - fast & easy cleaning of hands & surfaces

De-Ionised Water

High quality & ideal for many industrial processes including battery top up & laboratory use. 

TDB - Paste hand cleaner

Pumice based hand cleaner, textured paste ideal for ink and paint removal.

Eezy Clean

Powerful textured hand cleaner, dissolves oil & grease and removes ground in soils

C.K.P. 21 Aerosol

4 in 1 Maintenance, Penetrate, Lubricate, Displace Moisture, Protect.

Super-Sorbe Granular Floor Absorbent

Highly absorbent mineral granule, which offers fast, clean & safe method of removing all liquid spillages


AdBlue® - used to remove harmful emissions from the exhaust gas of diesel engines

C.K. 71 emulsifying degreaser

Powerful cleaner, combines solvent & emulsifiers to penetrate oil and grease.

CKP 21

4 in 1 Maintenance, Penetrate, Lubricate, Displace moisture, Protect.

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