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Flexographic Washout Solvents

Flexographic Plates

Quality plates need quality Flexo solvents

C.K.Chemicals supply the widest range of Flexo washout solvents available. Emphasis is placed upon quality of product plus we are at the forefront of washout solvent developements and focus on continual improvements to keep pace with the ever increasing number of Flexopolymer plates becoming available.

The handling of the used solvent is an integral part of the full service available to the Flexo industry and all the C.K.Range of Flexo solvents can be successfully reclaimed using vacuum distillation.

The C.K. Range of Flexographic Washout Solvents
Product Description
Perkanol The traditional solvent. Mostly replaced by the more modern alternatives and 3rd generation solvents.
Superflex One of the original alternative solvents now widely used by many flexo plate makers.
Superflex FD The faster drying version of Superflex.
Superflex II Low odour slower drying version of Superflex.
Flexowash Low odour, slower drying, wash out solvent.
3rd Generation G-Solve Range
Product Description
G-Solve I Widely used in all applications with most brands of polymer.
G-Solve II Widely used in all applications with most brands of polymer. Slightly higher solvency power.
G-Solve III Widely used in all applications with most brands of polymer. Most suitable for users with inhouse reclamation and high carbon layer build up.
Flexo Accessory Products
Product Description

Flexo-stat is the antistatic additive for petroleum based washout solvents. Flexo-Stat helps control the dissipation of static electricity and ensure obligations under Atex regulations are observed.

All the C.K. Flexo washout solvents contain Flexo-Stat when supplied but this should also be added to solvent reclaimed in house by the user.

Technical data sheet is available.
Flexi-Wipe Flexi-wipe is a very fast drying wipe solution for use on the back of polymer plates after processing, and can be used for many other print applications where fast drying is essential.


For users of washout solvents that carry out in house reclamation of the solvent, C.K.Chemicals provides a "free" lab testing service to monitor the on-going quality and balance of the solvent after reclamation. A test report and solvent control advice will be supplied. It is recommended that this facility is utilised and samples submitted approx every 10 reclamation cycles.